Your Old Disney VHS Tapes Could Be Worth A Fortune!


The Little Mermaid

It’s hard to believe that it’s been almost 30 years since The Little Mermaid first made a huge splash, released in 1989. As the film that singlehandedly made Disney animations popular again, it’s no surprise that it’s now selling for upwards of a thousand dollars online. Plus the cost of therapy after Ursula gives you a lifetime of nightmares.


Speaking of nightmares, Bambi thoroughly terrified us as children. It’s supposedly a happy and cheery forest romp, but that forest fire and (spoiler alert) the death of his mother still gives us goosebumps. Other less sensitive souls don’t seem to mind so much, and they’re happy to pay up to $600 for the experience. They can have it, to be honest.


Beauty And The Beast

$12,800. $12,800! That’s how much this 1991 film is getting online – over $10,000, or roughly the price of a good second-hand car. We’re betting that most of those buyers are feminists, intent on hunting down and destroying every last copy of this glorification of domestic violence (sorry nostalgia, you’re wrong). If you do try and get a copy, don’t make the mistake we did and accidentally buy The Beautician and the Beast. Totally different film.


Ask any Disney buff, or any fairytale buff for that matter, and they’ll tell you that Cinderella is without a doubt the movie that defined all of them. Originally released in 1950, this was a huge hit for Disney and one that’s never lost its charm. Copies these days are fetching up to $1,000 – a small price to pay for a slice of cinematic history.


Getting Started

Now that you’ve seen just how much money you can get for your old films, it’s time to start digging around your garage for lost gems. Don’t just stop at your collection, either – until the word really gets out, you can still pick a lot of these up at your local thrift store and turn a hefty profit. We hope you’ve learned a lesson: never toss anything out before checking eBay first.


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