Your Old Disney VHS Tapes Could Be Worth A Fortune!


The Fox And The Hound

Nobody really remembers this 1981 Disney gem, which was released at a time that 2D animation wasn’t really that popular anymore. Their most expensive production yet, at $12 million dollars, it failed to recoup the costs at the box office and sunk without a trace. If you did somehow manage to get your hands on a copy, you’ll be handsomely rewarded. Owners of the tapes are now asking up to $1,500 for a single VHS. This is a small fortune for a VHS Tape.

The Fox And The Hound VHS Tape
The Fox And The Hound VHS Tape


For many people, Aladdin is their favorite Disney film of all time. Released in 1992, Robin Williams’s star performance as the Genie launched it into the stratosphere, becoming the flagship of a huge Disney revival. Sadly, that means a lot of people still own the VHS, and it’s not as rare (or profitable) as other Disney films. Still, you wouldn’t say no to $275 if someone offered it.


Aladdin VHS Tape

Sleeping Beauty

The classic fairytale of the really tired woman and the annoying prince who rudely woke her up wasn’t Walt Disney’s greatest success, with fairly muted reviews on its release way back in 1959. Re-released under their Animated Classics line-up, the VHS fared far better. And it’s even more successful now, with good-quality tapes getting up to $499 online.

The Lion King

People are still quoting Timon and Pumbaa to this day, a testament to The Lion King’s instant classic status when it hit the cinemas in 1994. For many people, this was the movie that defined their childhood, and there’s still plenty of buyers wanting to get a slice of the memories, even today. Got it in your collection? Then you’re looking at $250 for a copy, no questions asked.


Lion King VHS Tape

Alice In Wonderland

Lewis Carroll’s psychedelic masterpiece was a bold choice for Disney animators back in the 1950s, and their 13th feature film didn’t do so well with terrified children. Since then, though, it’s been reimagined by almost everyone, as video games and Johnny Depp star vehicles, and become somewhat of a sleeper hit with an asking price of $200.

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