11 Photos With Mysteries That May Never Be Solved.

Sometimes, despite all the shuffling behind the camera, a picture doesn’t quite come out as you imagined it in your head. And sometimes, a candid picture taken at a random moment captures a gamut of emotions in all their rawness, and turns out to be your most cherished photograph.

And then there are times when a photographer takes a picture, only to realize much later that it holds within some inexplicable, baffling and scary detail. Here are a few examples that will make you stroke your goatee.

1.Taken in Canada of 1940s, this picture has a man conspicuous because of his style quite beyond the era. He dons modern sunglasses and contemporary attire. Also, the logo on his t-shirt was nowhere in existence at the time!


2. A lot of speculations arose as French photographer,  Robert Serrec captured this huge reptile like sea creature in Queensland, Australia. A lot of theories did rounds, with not one standing correct.


3. Right out of a horror movie, the Coopers had a fright of a lifetime as they took their first picture in their new Texas home. As if on cue, the body hung from ceiling, the moment camera button was clicked. No one knows till date what the happenings in the house are.


4. Although it’s a painting, it still holds a profound mystery. At the forefront of the picture is Mother Mary. However, in the background floats a UFO like vehicle, with a man and his dog watching it.


5. Who these days really believes in giants and mammoth figures hovering over tiny humans? That just belongs to Lilliput in Gulliver’s Travels, right? Apparently not. Gregor Sporri, on his trip to Egypt in 1985, met a grave digger who had once taken hold of a mummified finger measuring 15 inches long! That’s right – 15 inches! For a person to be having a finger that long, he or she must have been at least 12 feet tall. Again, there has been no conclusive accounts of who or what it belongs to.



6. When Templeton took this picture of his daughter, there was absolutely no one around in the marshy area where they were doing an outing. But when he got the film developed, there suddenly appeared a man supposedly in a spacesuit, exactly behind his daughter. A ghost in a spacesuit! That’s spooky AND hilarious!


What do you think?

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