Retired Man Finds $24M Lottery Ticket In His Old Shirt Pocket Just In The Nick Of Time

What would you do if you won the lottery? That is a question that’s been asked thousands of times. It’s also something that most people dream about & the answer usually starts with “I’d buy a house” or “I would get this car”. While most people will never know what it feels like for that dream to come true, this lucky guy is living in that dream!

Credit: NY Gaming Commission

Interestingly this lottery winner didn’t have the normal experience of watching the numbers come up on TV and reading the ticket over and over in disbelief. To be completely honest, just writing about this gets me excited! No, this retire had won the lottery but he didn’t even know it! His name is Jimmy Smith a retired grandfather from New Jersey and if he didn’t check his shirt pocket just in the nick of time, his winning ticket would not have been worth the paper it was printed on. I think Jimmy Smith in a way won the lottery twice, especially under his unique circumstances as for nearly a year this ticket had gone unclaimed.

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