11 Weird But True Facts About Famed Artist Bob Ross


His son Steven is a painter

On the 403 Joy of Painting episodes, the most frequent guest was Bob’s son Steven. With his hair-band looks, Steve certainly didn’t look the part of a painter, but his technique without a doubt was on par with his dear old dad.

So if you’re wondering what Steve is up to today, he’s lying low. You’d think that since they have the Internet on computers now, you can find pretty much anything—and you can, including a very old photo of Steve, his mother, and father Bob. That’s Bob’s first wife (Bob Ross was divorced!?)—but other than that, Steve doesn’t have a lot to do with the Bob Ross empire. A falling out of sorts happened after his father’s passing, and Steve left Bob Ross Inc.


Steve Ross still paints, as does his half-brother Morgan Ross (from Bob’s second wife). The two maintain a low profile online, but Steve is best known for making enough erotic references in one of his Joy of Painting appearances to become a short-lived meme. No wonder he keeps a low profile.

Credits: grunge.com


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