25 Things That Are Totally Memory Triggers For ’80s Kids


If you’re a 1980s baby, you know what life was like before the Internet and cell phones existed. But, real talk: You were probably too busy listening to New Kids on the Block and picking out the most colorful trapper keeper to care. If that sounds like your childhood, you’ll totally relate to all of these memories, too.

1. And it’s also OK to harbor a smart-mouthed, cat-murdering, extraterrestrial alien in your home.


2. Hands Across America — and even if you didn’t participate you still wore the T-shirt.


3. …on your state-of-the-art Fisher-Price record player.


4. Your parents still holding on to the Betamax player, even though VHS had won the format war.


5. That British Knights and L.A. Gear made the coolest shoes.


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