In Memoriam: Those We Lost In 2017

Remembering the people we lost this year – Gone But Never Forgotten


The world has lost too many people this year, from all walks of life. Musicians, including Glen Campbell, Greg Allman, and Tom Petty. Actors and public figures like Erin Moran, Adam West, Sir Roger Moore and Chuck Berris. And sadly, those who perished in the wakes of Hurricanes Maria, Irma, and Harvey. We are also saddened by the tragic loss of life in the Massacre in Las Vegas and the fires in California. As well as other tragedies and senseless acts that have caused loss of life both Nationally and Internationally. Lastly, we pray for those who served and continue to serve our country here and abroad. We thank you for your service. And we thank first responders who risk their lives daily to protect ours.

We honor those we lost in 2017.


NOTE: This story is posted by Month starting in December 2016 to today. Each Month is on a separate page! (Most Recent to Oldest) and will be updated regularly.

Sue Grafton

US Magazine

Was an American author of detective novels, best known as the author of the “alphabet series” (“A” Is for Alibi, etc.) featuring private investigator Kinsey Millhone in the fictional city of Santa Teresa, California. The daughter of detective novelist C. W. Grafton, she said the strongest influence on her crime novels was author Ross Macdonald. Prior to success with this series, she wrote screenplays for television movies. Grafton died on December 28 after a 2-year battle with Cancer. She was 77.


Rose Marie


Best known for her role as comedy writer Sally Rogers on “The Dick Van Dyke Show,” died December 28. She was 94.

Heather Menzies-Urich

ABC News

Was a Canadian-American model and actress, known for her roles as Louisa von Trapp in the 1965 film The Sound of Music and Jessica 6 in the TV series Logan’s Run. Widow of Robert Urich. Heather Menzies-Urich was diagnosed with terminal brain cancer in November 2017. She died on December 24, 2017. Menzies-Urich was survived by three children and two grandchildren. She was 68.

Jordan Feldstein


Jordan Feldstein, the longtime manager of Maroon 5 and the brother of actor Jonah Hill, died on Friday (December 22), he was 40. The cause of death was a heart attack, according to the Feldstein family.

Dick Enberg

Morning breaking news

Born Richard Alan Enberg was an American sportscaster who provided play-by-play for various sports on numerous radio and television networks (including NBC, CBS, and ESPN), and for individual teams, over the course of an approximate 60-year career. Enberg was well known for his signature on-air catchphrases “Touch ’em all” (for home runs) and “Oh, my!” (for particularly exciting and outstanding athletic plays). He also announced or hosted the Tournament of Roses Parade for many years, sometimes with the help of family members. Enberg retired from broadcasting in 2016. Dick Enberg died on December 21, 2017, from an apparent heart attack.

Richard Dobson


Was an American singer-songwriter. Although his name is not prominent, some of his songs were recorded by famous artists such as David Allan Coe (“Piece of Wood and Steel”), Guy Clark (“Forever, for Always, for Certain”; “Old Friends”), Lacy J. Dalton (“Old Friends”), Nanci Griffith (“Ballad of Robin Winter-Smith”), and Kelly Willis (“Hole in My Heart”). His song “Baby Ride Easy” was recorded as a duet by Carlene Carter and Dave Edmunds as well as by Billie Jo Spears and Del Reeves. It has also been recorded by the Carter Family. For the TV show Christmas On The Road in Montreux in 1984 it was performed by Johnny Cash and June Carter Cash. Dobson died on December 16 at the age of 74.

Kent Damon

The Sun

Matt Damon’s father, Kent Damon, was an actor, best known for Stuck on You, died on December 14, after a long battle with cancer. He was 74.


Warrel Dane

(Born Warrel G. Baker) was an American musician who was the lead singer for the metal bands Sanctuary and Nevermore. He was a natural baritone, though he was known for his high-pitched vocals with Serpent’s Knight and on the first two Sanctuary albums. Dane passed on December 13, reportedly of a heart attack at the age of 56.

Pat DiNizio

The Hollywood Reporter

Was the lead singer, songwriter, and member of the band The Smithereens, which he formed in 1980. According to bandmates, his health declined following a series of health issues that began in 2015 after a pair of falls that resulted in nerve damage which limited the use of his right hand and arm. He died December 12 at age 62.

Steve Reevis

Indian Country Today

Was a Blackfeet Native American actor. The role of Shep Proudfoot in the Academy Award-winning film Fargo (1996) is perhaps the best-known performance by Reevis. Reevis died on December 7, 2017, of undisclosed causes in Missoula, Montana, at the age of 55.

Mundell Lowe

Was an American jazz guitarist who worked often in radio, television, and film, and as a session musician. He produced film and TV scores in the 1970s, such as the Billy Jack soundtrack and music for Starsky and Hutch, and worked with André Previn’s Trio in the 1990s. Lowe was married to singer Betty Bennett, his third wife, for 42 years. In his last years, the couple lived in San Diego. He died on December 2, 2017, at the age of 95.


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