12 Photos Of André The Giant You That Are Too Hard To Believe


André René Roussimoff, a.k.a André the Giant became famous for his extraordinary height of 7 feet and 4 inches and a weight of 550 pounds. His physicality led him to do some remarkable feats which just added to his fame. Here are some pictures of the man that significantly dwarfed all those around him.

1. Andre was a man who lifted and dwarfed Arnold Schwarzenegger!

Andre The Giant Wilt Chamberlain Arnold Schwarzenegger All That Is Interesting

2. He was 6 feet and 3 inches tall at just 12 years of age. The school bus was able to carry him and so, the playwright Samuel Beckett offered to give him rides in his truck. 

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3. While most teenage boys would hover somewhere about 5 feet and 8 inches, Andre was already 7 feet tall at 19.


4. Towering over fellow wrestlers.


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5. Andre, at the age of 12.

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6. The man seems to be ducking under Andre, who is 19 in this picture. Because of his height, he could not join the French army as the trenches were not big enough to fit him.


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7. Andre sure knew how to pick a woman.

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