Guide to The Rocky Horror Picture Show Live!


Your first time watching The Rocky Horror Picture Show live is a little like losing your virginity—it’s awkward, requires a lubricant (booze works for both) and will only get better with practice. But unlike your first sexual encounter, a night with Rocky promises to be an unforgettable experience—filled with outrageous costumes, wild dancing and a whole lot of singing. For all of you Rocky Horror virgins catching a mirror show for the first time this Halloween (that’s when actors perform on stage while the movie plays in the background), DYR has a list of props and a guide in antici—pation. Trust us, this won’t hurt one bit.

Dress the Part

Don’t be the only schmuck wearing a suit to the theater—Rocky Horror is not that kind of a show. This is your opportunity to confidently wear a corset and garter belt outside of the bedroom, while taking comfort in knowing you probably won’t be the only one. For virgins, we recommend something a little tamer and easier to pull off, like dressing up as a Transylvanian. But showing up as Magenta or Riff Raff will totally up your costume cred.


Prepare to Show Off Your “V” Card

You’ll have to wear your virgin status proudly, newbies, as a fellow audience member will typically draw a “V” on your forehead with red lipstick and have you repeat a racy oath or perform some sort of embarrassing ritual, which varies by theater.


Rocky Horror Props

  • Rice
  • A newspaper
  • Water gun
  • Flashlight
  • Rubber glove
  • Noisemakers
  • Confetti
  • Toilet paper
  • Toast
  • Party hats
  • Cards
  • Hot dogs

This list comprises recommended items to bring to the theater, but be advised that some props, such as the hot dogs and a water gun, will not be allowed.

Commit these scenes to memory and use them as a prop guide.

  • Wedding bells! (rice)
  • Brad and Janet get caught in a thunderstorm (water guns) while looking for help, so Janet takes cover underneath a newspaper (newspaper). Fortunately, Janet sees a light up ahead (flashlight).
  • Dr. Frank-N-Furter introduces his creation (gloves).
  • The Transylvanians welcome Rocky with confetti and noisemakers.
  • “Great Scott!” (toilet paper, Scotts preferably)
  • What’s an audience member to do when Frank-N-Furter proposes a toast? Throw a piece on stage! (toast)


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