Easter: Let’s Hippity-Hop Down Memory Lane


Hippity-Hopping is a phrase used in the lyrics to the all-time favorite Easter song “Here Comes Peter Cottontail.”




This song was recorded in 1950 by, Mr. Gene Autry-also known as the “singing cowboy” in Western movies during the 1930s-1960s.

We all have our favorite Easter stories filled with Easter egg hunts, visiting the  Easter Bunny at the nearest department store, dressing up to attend church, visiting with relatives for Easter dinner; and of course, Easter baskets filled with goodies.


The author, Patricia Penke, dressed up for Easter in 1962

A fun Easter story I have as a youngster, involved an unexpected surprise when searching for my much-anticipated Easter basket filled with goodies.

It was customary for me and my siblings to receive woven-wicker, Easter baskets full of multi-colored jelly beans, mini-foil-covered chocolate eggs, plastic-wrapped marshmallow eggs, and the ‘holy grail’ of all Easter candy: the large solid chocolate bunny.

Solid chocolate Easter Bunnies (Source: Pinterest.com)

Nevertheless, in 1963 the Easter Bunny (also known as Dad) decided it was time to do away with the Easter basket and instead, gave each one of us a huge boxed, chocolate Easter egg.

Wow! We were overjoyed to find these decorated, chocolate covered eggs, but when we took our first bite; our facial expressions turned sour. To our dismay, the egg was filled with a candied fruit and nut, hard fondant-like concoction-not the anticipated scrumpdillyicious, solid chocolate filling we had hoped for. As a child, I used the word “Yucky” to describe the taste.

Candied fruit and nut filled, milk chocolate egg (Source: weddingscenterinfo.com)

We didn’t show this disappointment to our parents, in fear it might be the last Easter treat we receive from Mr. Bunny. Instead, we nibbled at the chocolate covering then tossed the rest into the neighbor’s trash can.

Easter Eggs: The Joys Of Childhood


Question: Who remembers being petrified at the thought of sitting on the lap of a live, gigantic Easter Bunny? I have to admit, some of those bunny costumes seemed a little intimidating to the wee ones.

Easter Bunny at the park (Source: Americanblog.com)

Believe or not, one of my first jobs was to be the Easter Bunny for Mason’s Department Store. I watched as kids entered the store and tried to hide from me, even though, I was giving out free candy.

Did you know particular vintage Easter-themed items can be quite valuable? For best realized values, they must be in very good to excellent condition if you’re planning on selling them.

The early 1900’s German, papier mâché, bunny-shaped, candy containers can sell for over $400. They’ll feature glass eyes, removable heads and fuzzy-flocked fur. The earlier candy containers will be marked “Germany” on the bottom.

Antique German, Papier Mâché, bunny-shaped, flocked candy container (Source: Pinterest.com)

Mid-century, Rushton Star Creation, stuffed, faux fur, bunnies/rabbits- with rubber faces- can sell for over $700.

Vintage Rushton, faux fur-stuffed bunny toy (Source: Pinterest.com)

Additionally, Empire Co. plastic blow mold, lighted yard decor-Mr. and Mrs. Easter Bunny set (35”), and pre-1960s, E. Rosen, Rosbro hard plastic candy containers can sell for over $150-just to name a few.

Empire Co. lighted, blow mold Easter Bunny set- lawn decorations (Source: Pinterest.com)

I hope everyone has a happy Easter, and remember-

“If you see a rabbit laying little brown eggs, don’t eat them, it’s not chocolate.”

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