Epic April Fools Jokes – Have Fun!

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Humans have been celebrating April Fools day for as long as we can remember. Even the Ancient Romans celebrated this adored spring holiday. What better way to relive this humorous holiday than by celebrating classic pranks? Here are a few:

Salty Tooth

Photo: youtube.com
Photo: youtube.com

Ever wanted to prank your roommates or family members? Put salt on their toothbrush! Make sure to wet the bristles first so it remains tacky. You can also switch the cup of sugar for a cup of salt so when they get their morning coffee, they’re in for a salty surprise.


Birthday Suit

Quietly slip into someone’s shower and take all the towels. They won’t even realize it until they’re out.

Alarm Them


Photo: alarmuproxx.com
Photo: alarmuproxx.com

The night before April 1, set the clocks an hour ahead rather than behind. That way, they won’t be too mad at you.


Your Epidermis Is Showing!

Tell someone their epidermis is showing and they’ll blush and look down before realizing epidermis is just another word for skin.

Get Rich Or Die Tryin!

When you’re doing your spring shopping, superglue change onto the floor of mall or public place. It’ll drive everyone nuts!

Lie To Them

When you get home that day, lie to someone. Tell them you got fired, you failed a test. Better yet, tell them you’re pregnant.

Happy Umbrella

Put candy inside their umbrella and wait for them to open it. They’ll get a sweet surprise!

Morning, Santa!

When they’re sleeping, decorate their face with shaving cream. Ever wanted to see what your grandmother looks like with a beard? Now’s your chance!



And some other classics for you to choose from!!….


This prank went viral!…So great!

What’s your favorite April Fools prank? Did you get away with it? Share your stories in the comment section below!

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