‘Step By Step’ Cast Reunites At ’90s Con And Remembers The Late Suzanne Somers


The late Suzanne Somers is known for her iconic portrayal of Chrissy Snow on the hit sitcom Three’s Company during the late 1970s. Tragically, Somers passed away at her residence in Palm Springs, California, on October 15, 2023, just a day before her 77th birthday, after a prolonged battle with cancer.

Recently, the cast of Step by Step, including Patrick Duffy, Staci Keanan, Angela Watson, Christine Lakin, Christopher Castile, Jason Marsden, and Sasha Mitchell, came together for a heartfelt reunion at ’90s Con, which was held at the Connecticut Convention Center in Hartford where they fondly reminisced about their cherished moments with Suzanne Somers.


‘Step by Step’ co-stars reunite at ’90s Con for the first time since Suzanne Somers’ death

STEP BY STEP, Suzanne Somers, 1991-98. © Warner Bros. Television / Courtesy: Everett Collection

This gathering marked their first reunion five months ago since Suzanne Somers’s death. Amidst the nostalgia and camaraderie, the cast members took a moment to honor and remember Somers, paying tribute to her contributions to the beloved show and her legacy.


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STEP BY STEP, from left: Josh Byrne, Christopher Castile, Angela Watson; back from left: Staci KEanan, Sasha Mitchell, Christine Lakin, Patrick Duffy, Suzanne Somers, Brandon Call, 1991-98. © Warner Bros. Television / Courtesy: Everett Collection

Step by Step cast members Staci Keanan, Christine Lakin, and Angela Watson took time out to eulogize the late actress at the reunion. “Suzanne gave the most beautiful, thoughtful gifts, and she was a person of immense style and glamour in her real life, and I will never forget [that], and I still have them. One Christmas, she gave me a pair of Prada, cashmere tights,” Keanan stated. “Okay, so it’s Prada. You know, fancy and everything. But beyond that, she was like, ‘These will keep you warm. And even if you have a long skirt, you could just wear these underneath to keep you warm.’ [It was] so sweet. She will be missed.”

While speaking about Somers, Lakin noted the late actress’s impact on her life. “I think watching her as a young person, [I] would see her on television. I watched a lot of reruns growing up, so I knew Three’s Company. I didn’t know Dallas, sorry,” she said. “Growing up with her and watching her as a woman, as a businesswoman, as someone who was a huge star who had a bright light, who was so gorgeous, who was also so down to Earth and someone I just really admired.”

STEP BY STEP, Suzanne Somers, 1991-98, (c)Warner Bros. Television/courtesy Everett Collection

“She was someone that made me think as a young female in Hollywood, you can be kind and you can be generous and you can be successful and all of those things don’t have to be mutually exclusive,” she added. “She was so sweet and loving, her heart was so big, and we really miss her.”

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