John Goodman’s Trainer Shares Bizarre Way He Encouraged The Actor To Lose Weight


John Goodman has had quite a struggle with his weight as he had made failed attempts at getting fit. The 71-year-old revealed in a 2016 interview with Howard Stein that it was in 2007, after deciding to quit drinking, that he adopted consistent habits that paved the way for his transformation. “I took it slow,” Goodman admitted. “I just wanted to change my lifestyle.”

The actor remained resilient and maintained his workout routine over the years, and his recent appearance at the 62nd Monte Carlo TV festival is a testament to that, as he left his fans speechless with his remarkable body transformation.  For the event, the actor rocked a fitted black tuxedo with a textured white shirt underneath.


John Goodman’s personal trainer, Mackie Shilston, says getting the actor fit was a difficult task

THE FLINTSTONES, John Goodman, 1994. © Universal Pictures / courtesy Everett Collection

After the actor decided to become fit, he enlisted the help of a professional trainer, Mackie Shilston, who gave him some dietary advice, thus introducing him to the ‘Mediterranean-style eating plan,’ which prioritizes the consumption of nutrient-rich foods and places significant emphasis on incorporating fresh produce. It highlights the significance of lean proteins like fish and chicken, along with nuts, abundant vegetables and fruits, and antioxidant-rich olive oil.


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Sticking to the trainer’s plans, Goodman made tremendous progress. During an interview with the New York Post, Shilstone recollected that prior to Hurricane Katrina in 2005, the actor had successfully shed 85 pounds with his assistance, but in the aftermath of the devastating storm, Goodman experienced a setback and ultimately regained weight.

25 July 2019 – Hollywood, California – John Goodman. Los Angeles Premiere Of New HBO Series “The Righteous Gemstones” held at Paramount Studios. Photo Credit: FSadou/AdMedia

Mackie Shilston reveals the extreme measure he took to ensure that John Goodman lost weight

The personal trainer revealed that after seeing the actor regain weight, he was frustrated and disappointed. “John decided that he was going to make a commitment. I’ve known John for a long time, and 85 pounds coming off and then regained, it didn’t work,” Shilston confessed. “So I said, ‘What am I gonna do? John was my friend and my neighbor, so I said to myself, ‘Let me become an actor for a moment.'”

Shilston claimed that he decided to try another method which was quite unconventional. “I said, ‘John, here’s a shovel. You told me you’re going to recommit yourself and follow this plan,'” the trainer detailed. “I said, ‘I want you to dig your grave. Until you dig your grave, you won’t understand what it means to live.’”

O BROTHER, WHERE ART THOU?, John Goodman, 2000, (c) Walt Disney/courtesy Everett Collection

The actor further stated that he took the motivation up a notch by scaring him while making Goodman think about the memories that he will miss in his life. “John, do you really know who I am? Do you have any idea who you’re next to? You notice there’s no wind? And there are no birds, nothing, no sounds, you don’t even hear cars,” Shilstone told New York Post. “I’m death, and I’ve come to give you a second chance.”

“You can dig your grave now, and I’ll cover you over, and we’ll be done with this, or you can use this shovel and cover it over and move on with your life and take it back. John, you have a lovely daughter, you have a lovely wife, and you’ve been successful, but you’re not gonna make it. I want you to close your eyes and think you can never say another word to your daughter and wife,” Shilston stated. “It’s all over. I’ve taken that from billions of people over time. I will give you one more chance. I said, ‘John, just remember this. I’m always around. I always know where you are. I can find you anytime, your day will come. But it’s not now.'”

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