Michael Keaton Says ‘Beetlejuice 2’ Is ‘Most Fun I’ve Had Working On A Movie’

Michael Keaton is widely recognized for his iconic portrayal of the titular character in the 1988 comedy film Beetlejuice, directed by Tim Burton. Keaton’s performance in the movie garnered critical acclaim and helped solidify his reputation as a versatile actor.

In a recent interview with the British film magazine Empire, the Oscar nominee revealed that he and Burton have finally discussed their long-awaited plans for the Beetlejuice sequel in which he would reprise his classic character as Betelgeuse (Beetlejuice).

Micheal Keaton shares details of the upcoming ‘Beetlejuice’ sequel

BEETLEJUICE, Michael Keaton, 1988

During the interview, the actor hinted with excitement that the movie has been absolutely fantastic. “Beetlejuice is the most f–kin’ fun you can have working. It’s so fun, it’s so great. And you know what it is? We’re doing it exactly like we did the first movie,” he admitted to Empire. “There’s a woman in the great waiting room for the afterlife literally with a fishing line — I want people to know this because I love it — tugging on the tail of a cat to make it move.”

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He also disclosed that both he and director Tim Burton are adhering to the same winning formula used in the original 1988 film. “[Burton] and I were talking about it years and years ago, never telling anybody. We’ve both said we’re doing it many times. We both agreed if it happens, it has to be done as close to the way we made it the first time. Making stuff up, making stuff happen, improvising and riffing,” Keaton continued. “But literally handmade stuff like people creating things with their hands and building something. F—in’ great. It’s the most fun I’ve had working on a movie in I can’t tell you how long.”

BEETLEJUICE, Michael Keaton, 1988

‘Beetlejuice 2’ is set to premiere by next year

Beetlejuice 2 is set to be released by Warner Bros on September 6, 2024. The highly-anticipated film will see the return of beloved stars Michael Keaton, Winona Ryder, and Catherine O’Hara. Joining the cast are Justin Theroux, Monica Bellucci, and Willem Dafoe, adding to the excitement.

BEETLEJUICE, Michael Keaton, 1988

Also, director Tim Burton will reunite with Jenna Ortega, his Wednesday star, who will portray the daughter of Ryder’s character in the film. Dafoe’s role will see him portraying a law enforcement officer in the afterlife, while Bellucci takes on the character of Beetlejuice’s wife.

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