61-Year-Old ‘Partridge Family’ Star Danny Bonaduce Undergoing Brain Surgery


Danny Bonaduce, star of the ’70s musical sitcom The Partridge Family, is undergoing brain surgery. Fans are offering an outpouring of support for the 63-year-old actor, who recently shared that he was diagnosed with a neurological disorder, which this procedure is geared toward addressing.

A social media post bids fans, “Please join in a prayer today as Danny Bonaducci [sic] revealed he’s getting brain surgery today in hopes of curing his recent neurological disorder diagnosis.” Bonaduce suspects his condition came from an old injury.


Danny Bonaduce is undergoing brain surgery


Today, Monday, June 5, Bonaduce is undergoing surgery that will see a shunt put into his brain; in the medical world, a shunt is a passage that allows for the flow of blood or other fluids from one part of the body to another. The hope is that the procedure will alleviate Bonaduce’s symptoms, stemming from a disorder called hydrocephalus, when fluid builds up in the brain’s ventricles.

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“I’m never gonna run track, I’m never gonna box again,” shared Bonaduce, “but if I can get from here to the kitchen on my own, bravo.” That’s a step up from how Bonaduce reported feeling in recent days. He recently revealed, “I can’t walk currently. I just can’t.”

What might have led to this medical situation

Danny Bonaduce has to undergo brain surgery to relieve his debilitating symptoms / (c)Buena Vista Television/courtesy Everett Collection

According to TV Insider, Bonaduce suspects his condition might have come from when he took a guitar to the head while on reality TV, or when boxing the 265-lb former MLB star José Canseco back in 2009. To pin down just what was wrong, Bonaduce said he’s been to “100 doctors.” Only recently was he finally diagnosed with hydrocephalus, which is sometimes nicknamed “water on the brain.”

PARTRIDGE FAMILY, Danny Bonaduce, 1970-1974 / Everett Collection

In addition to the shunt, Bonaduce said he’ll also have a drainboard, to further help remove fluid from his brain. Bonaduce is hopeful for positive results, but admits he “will be completely bummed out if this doesn’t work.” He explains, “I’d rather be safe than sorry. I don’t want to get my hopes up too much that I’ll be cured.”

Sending well wishes and positive thoughts to Danny Bonaduce as he undergoes his surgery!

Fans are voicing their support for Bonaduce / ImageCollect

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