Selma Blair Responds To Critics Calling Her ‘Narcissistic’ For Documenting MS Battle


Selma Blair has been open about her battle with multiple sclerosis since she first made her condition public in 2018.  About three years later, Blair announced she was in remission after undergoing a stem cell transplant. Although her condition has been well managed so far, Blair still suffers from some symptoms, or “glitches”, as she calls them.

The 50-year-old uses her social media to educate people about multiple sclerosis and to share her journey as she lives with the ailment. Lately, the actress admits that she has been more cautious about posting about her health because of social media trolls. “I don’t share that as much on Instagram, and I should,” she revealed.


Trolls Labeled Blair Narcissistic And Ego-Driven

Blair has been dedicated to teaching her followers about multiple sclerosis by including descriptions on all her Instagram pictures so that the visually impaired among her followers can understand her message. However, some people have misunderstood her actions as a way to get attention for herself.


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“I can’t tell you how many trolls are like, ‘This narcissistic b—-, she gives her caption and then she talks about herself,’” Blair told TODAY. “And I’m like, ‘Dude, it’s not for my own ego to describe myself in my caption. It is for someone that is being read to.”


Blair fires back at Critics

Blair responded to the negative feedback over her posts and captions, urging people to be more considerate of others outside their social group. “I grew up very privileged in my thinking, to not have to always consider other people,” she explained. “And it feels much better to consider other people, and I definitely don’t have as much of a concern about my own ego in the same way.”

Regardless of online trolls, Blair has people supporting her as she pushes through her remission. She appreciated them for their kindness, noting that their deeds move her in “a healing direction.”


Blair also informed her fans about the symptoms such as dystonic speech, fatigue, movement challenges, and a lack of appetite associated with her medical condition. Despite her current physical limitation, the actress is in high spirits and hopeful. “I don’t live in fear of this condition at all,” she told

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