John Owen Lowe Says He Was ‘Traumatized’ By Father’s Shirtless Scenes


Despite his father’s scandalous past, John Owen Lowe, who grew up in the Hollywood spotlight alongside his father Rob Lowe, remains unfazed. The 28-year-old while gracing the red carpet at the premiere of Unstable, a Netflix series created by him, revealed to Fox News Digital that he was not a bit surprised by his father’s wild side.

“Was I surprised? No, I mean… I’ve known him my whole life…it all makes perfect sense to me, “John Owen Lowe told the news outlet. “It’s the truth, and that’s all I’m going to say about it. It makes perfect sense.”


John Owen Lowe reveals that his father’s shirtless scene in ‘The Outsiders’ traumatized him


At the age of 24, Rob Lowe was caught up in a sex scandal involving two women, one of whom was underage—John Owen Lowe revealed that he learned about his father’s past when he was growing up. He also claimed that out of all the controversies that trailed his father’s life and career, his shirtless scene from The Outsiders left a lasting impression on him.


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“It’s a wonderful film…we had to watch it in seventh or eighth grade, and I was left with every girl in my class for like a week after talking about my dad’s shirtless scene,” John Owen Lowe said. “From then on, I knew I was never watching another one of my dad’s things ever again.”

John Owen Lowe speaks about working with his father, Rob Lowe


John Owen Lowe also shared his experience co-starring with his father in the upcoming Netflix series, Unstable while also touching on what it’s like trying to fit into his dad’s shoes in the entertainment industry. “It is a very strange, very meta experience…playing a father and son…then calling ‘cut,’” he said. “and you are [still] a father and son is a little mind-bending, especially when our characters aren’t that different from who we are in real life.”

He also disclosed that Rob would not hesitate to correct him on set even though he is also an accomplished Hollywood writer and producer. “He’d be correcting me on camera and then correcting me off camera,” John explained.” it kind of breaks your brain a little bit, but it was fun.”

John Owen Lowe claims that he has benefited from his father’s connections


John Owen Lowe acknowledged that he enjoyed some good runs in Hollywood because of his father’s connections and success. He also expressed gratitude for his father’s unwavering support stating that he is “forever grateful” for it. “I feel very fortunate to have had a resource and a parent who works in the same industry as I do,” he revealed. “And, you know, I have had many doors opened that others don’t.”

The actor further disclosed that even though he is pursuing a career in the same industry as his father, he aspires to establish his own unique path and identity. “I see it as, maybe, following in the beginning steps,” John Lowe added. “and then carving off and going my own way.”

Rob Lowe is happy to work with his son


Rob explained that he had an incredible experience working with family as he and John collaborated on Unstable. “I marvel at his facility at writing,” he told Fox News Digital. ” which he was always good at from the time he was in grade school. And to see it come to this… I’m a proud dad.”

Also, Rob Lowe told Fox News Digital that he initially had reservations about his son following in his footsteps. “The kid was studying…molecular biology at Stanford and then came out and told me I wanted to be an actor,” he told the news outlet. “And I promptly looked for the highest building to jump off of.”

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