‘Baywatch’ Alum Donna D’Errico Slams Critics After Bikini Post Called ‘Raunchy’


Recently, Donna D’Errico posted a video on her TikTok account where she was seen dancing and swaying from side to side in a red string bikini. “I’ve had this account for a while and never posted anything,” she wrote in the caption. “Here’s my first post. I hope you like it.”

The video got quite some engagement and a UK media outlet released an article about it with a controversial headline that described the actress’s “raunchy TikTok account” and “saucy bikini videos.” However, this didn’t sit well with the Baywatch star who took to her Instagram story to criticize the news agency for the contentious post.


Donna D’Errico slams the UK article for its ridiculous headline

@donnaderricoI’ve had this account for awhile and never posted anything. Here’s my first post. I hope you like it.♬ Ojai – Ray LaMontagne

“Um…it’s literally one single video of me standing in a bikini,” she wrote in the caption alongside a screenshot of the article. “Nice clickbait but I don’t appreciate it since I’m not raunchy and don’t post or do raunchy stuff.”


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Also, the former Playboy model shared the video on her Instagram page. The footage featured stickers with captions such as “Thirst trap,” “Beach time,” “Are you in?” and “Dad Bod.” “Here’s me modeling my new line of bathing suits for women over 50,” D’errico wrote jokingly in the caption. “Follow me for more AARP tips.”

Donna D’Errico has come under attack from trolls many times

The actress has had to defend herself against online trolls on several occasions. In the summer of last year, she responded to haters who left negative comments on a video of her rocking an American flag string bikini which she shared on Instagram for the Fourth of July.

“Quite a few women complained about the 4th of July video I posted in a red white & blue bikini because they thought I was ‘classier than that’ and ‘too old to wear a bikini’ and, my favorite, ‘desperate,'” D’errico wrote in the caption. “Let me tell you something that might surprise you. I can actually wear and do literally whatever I want. On that note, here is me in a bikini squatting on a coffee table.”

Donna D’Errico taunts critiques

D’errico also challenged her detractors by taking up a membership on OnlyFans. Last year, the actress confronted the “spiteful remarks” she received after posting pictures of herself in a swimsuit and clarified her choice to subscribe to OnlyFans during an interview with Fox News Digital.


After the second photo went viral, I got a lot of backlash from that too, but I also received a lot of support from people who not only enjoyed what I had to say but also just enjoyed seeing me in a bikini,” the former playmate told the news outlet. “And I guess I’m tired of the judging, the bullying, and all the hate. It would be nice to post some things and not have that happen. And the truth is, regular social media just doesn’t do it for me. There’s just a lot of judging and hate that goes on there.”

The Baywatch star concluded that she does not care about what people think or say about her. “I know there’s not a lot that can be done with that, because that’s always going to be there. You have all these keyboard warriors who feel very powerful making fun of others, tearing them down while hiding behind a computer,” she explained. “I’ve had that happened so much throughout my career – ever since I became a public figure. And while it doesn’t really bother me, for the most part, I would still like to post things without those repercussions. So I finally said, ‘To heck with it.’”

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