WATCH: Ringo Starr And Paul McCartney Reunite At Rollerskating Party


Beatlemania is generally defined as a ’60s phenomenon, but a surprise reunion between Paul McCartney and Ringo Starr gave fans a lot to feel excited about. They are the last two remaining Beatles members, predeceased by John Lennon in 1980 and George Harrison in 2001.

Starr, 82, and McCartney, 80, have been in the music industry since ’57, and over six decades after this collaboration sees them with a friendship that endures to this day. So, when the pair recently found themselves at a party with a ton of music, they readily took to dancing together. Starr has all the details in a social media post.


Ringo Starr shares footage from a reunion with Paul McCartney


On February 3, Starr took to Twitter to share a video post. “Man, this beautiful day is getting better and better,” he said, revealing, “we were at the Stella McCartney rollerskating party. What time we had go get them, Paul, peace, and love.” The two were there together to celebrate Stella McCartney and her 18-year partnership with Adidas.

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The accompanying video gives Starr’s two million Twitter followers a look at him and McCartney busting a move together. The two can be seen exchanging a warm greeting before dancing to Candi Staton’s 1976 tune, “Young Hearts Run Free.” A release related to the event Starr and McCartney attended promised a DJ, live performers, and an “immersive roller-skating piece by L.A Roller Girls.”

It’s always a reunion for Ringo Starr and Paul McCartney

The artists stay in contact with one another / Everett Collection

Officially, the Beatles’ breakup is bit hard to pin down. It depends who is asked. Some date it when the “fifth” Beatle, manager Brian Epstein, died. August 1969 marked the last time the quartet recorded together. Then, in 1970, McCartney said in a “self-interview” that the band was splitting up. But the status of a continued separation is just as vague, too, since McCartney and Ringo frequently keep in contact.

Paul McCartney and Ringo Starr / ImageCollect

“I was just in England and we actually saw each other physically,” Starr told Jimmy Kimmel back in 2021. But even when that can’t happen, the two Facetime “regularly.” Jump to December 2022, the two were seen together at the London premiere of the Disney Original Documentary “If These Walls Could Sing.” The Beatlemania continues!

The two also Facetime one another / YouTube

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