‘Little People’ Fans Criticize Zach Roloff For Reaction To Daughter Falling Down


Little People, Big World has been on air since 2006 and follows the lives of the Roloff family. Recently, Zach Roloff, the son of the central couple Matt and Amy, has come under criticism for his treatment of his own daughter, Lilah. It chronicles the life of little people with dwarfism. 70% of cases are from achondroplasia, a genetic disorder that results in shorter limb growth. Peter Dinklage is another high-profile figure with achondroplasia.

Zach is one of four children, siblings with Jeremy, Molly, and Jacob. Zach, 32, married Tori, 31, and together they started a family of their own. Zach and Tori are the proud parents of elder son Jackson and younger daughter Lilah, three years of age. There’s also baby Josiah. However, there was some tension recently – for more than one reason. Here’s what happened and how LPBW viewers are reacting.


Zach Roloff responds to daughter Lilah getting rowdy

Little People, Big World follows the lives of the Roloff family and living with dwarfism / YouTube

Together, Zach and Tori arranged a camping trip for themselves and the kids. At one point, the parents settled by the fire to talk about the difficulties of living as a little person. Elsewhere, Lilah moved around in her chair; she leaned too far in one direction and it tipped over. As some viewers saw it, Zach set the chair right before helping his daughter.


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He was heard asking, “Unbelievable … Are the girls almost done?” Viewers saw Lilah get up and point to an apparent injury, making noises of discomfort. To this, Zach said, “You’re fine. Stop that. Go. Go.” This has been fuel for some people critiquing the way he responded to the situation and her. Do you agree?

Lilah has undergone hearing tests

Zach Roloff reacted to his daughter tumbling over in a chair / TLC

In a Tuesday clip, Tori said that Lilah had failed a hearing test; in response, they were then sending her to a specialist. “They were worried that she has water behind her ears and that she maybe couldn’t hear us all the way,” Tori explained, “like it was muffled.

She continued, “It’s a possibility that’s contributing to her delay in speech, so today I took her to a hearing specialist to have more tests run on her to figure out what’s happening.” Ultimately, Tori revealed, it was concluded that “She’s just slow in talking,” after Lilah confirmed she was able to perfectly hear her brother speak to her.

Zach and his family / Instagram

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