Burger King Whopper Prices Have Customers Hungry For Change


The home of the Whopper has consumers ready for revolt within the kingdom. On the discussion forum Reddit, Burger King patrons have been discussing their experience with the fast food chain – and especially with prices they’ve encountered. In their view, they are not getting enough from Burger King for the price they pay.

Burger King is not the only chain where consumers might see bigger prices for the same food. Several have hiked their prices, citing inflation. In some cases, a familiar meal will have a higher price tag while in other cases prices stay the same but the food quantity goes down. Here is what people have been saying when they go to Burger King.


Burger King food prices have diners unhappy


As noted on SheFinds, increased Burger King prices have patrons grumbling. “An extra 2.50$ from single to double, but 6$ from double to triple? BK app pricing makes no sense,” one objected. So, in the one example, an original Whopper cost $6.19, and going to a Double Whopper cost $8.69, adding just two dollars. But going to a Tripple Whopper asked for six additional dollars.

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Changes can be found in other areas of the menu too. At 1,000 locations, Burger King has an eight-piece chicken nugget option as opposed to the usual 10-piece deal. Other chains have followed a similar path with nuggets and other food items that would come in multiples. Have you noticed price increases at Burger King, McDonald’s, Wendy’s, Taco Bell, or other fast food chains? If so, there are a few reasons why.

Several factors are impacting prices

Jumps in Burger King prices have some patrons upset / Unsplash

On Reddit, users cited the coronavirus pandemic for hiking prices, not necessarily as the cause itself, but an enabling factor, saying, “The pandemic has been an excuse-laden unleashing of corporate greed.” From there, additional complicated factors all have influenced decisions by Burger King and other chains.

In some chains, the same price may get a customer less / Unsplash

Since 2020, Chipotle increased prices by 10% and McDonald’s prices are up by around 6% since 2021. This was to offset both reduced profits and to address the increased cost of securing their ingredient supply. As Mashed further notes, chicken, beef, and cooking oil went up in price by an average of 40%. Then there are supply chain issues to contend with, and inflation.

What are the most shocking price changes you’ve encountered?

Other chains have been impacted by the pandemic, inflation, supply chain issues, price of ingredients, and more / Unsplash

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