Ali MacGraw And Robert Evans’ Only Son Continues Family’s Legacy


Ali MacGraw and Robert Evans’ son, Josh Evans, is making his family name proud despite the scandals that have trailed his father and mother. MacGraw and Evans were one of the biggest celebrity couples in the late ’60s; however, their marriage only lasted three years.

MacGraw’s life was marred by her cheating scandals, sex, and alcohol addiction, while The Godfather producer’s legacy was destroyed when he was sentenced for cocaine possession and the conviction of his then-girlfriend, Karen Greenberger, for murder.


Who is Ali MacGraw and Robert Evans’ Son?

ARROWS OF FIRE, Josh Evans, 2013, © The Orchard / courtesy Everett Collection

Josh Evans is MacGraw’s only child despite her marriages to Robin Hoen, Robert Evans and Steve McQueen. He was born in 1971 during her second marriage. When he was fifteen, his mother, the star of Love Story, checked into the Betty Ford Clinic to treat her addictions, yet he didn’t abandon his mother, choosing instead to stand by her. “Nobody likes to see his mother drunk,” Josh said. “I hated the smell she sometimes got on her breath.”


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Fortunately, despite the pressures he faced from being the son of two famous parents, he has made a name for himself as an actor and a director, though he says he prefers filmmaking. “I am definitely more comfortable on the side of the camera that does not show myself,” the 52-year-old said in an interview with Cryptic Rock. Josh started his career with a small role in 1989’s Dream a Little Dream, which piqued his interest in Hollywood.

PLAYERS, Ali MacGraw, 1979. ©Paramount Pictures/courtesy Everett Collection.

What has Josh Evans been up to?

After his first role, he starred in The Doors with Val Kilmer and Born on the Fourth of July alongside Tom Cruise. He revealed how he got to feature alongside the Top Gun actor in the same movie. “There was one by the guy who made Platoon (1986), which was Oliver Stone, but at the time, I just knew him from Platoon,” Josh said. “He was making a movie with Tom Cruise, and there was a role for the little brother.”

BORN ON THE FOURTH OF JULY, J. Talisman, J. Evans, K. H. Morse, R. J. Barry, T. Cruise, S. Larkin, 1989. (c) Universal Pictures/Courtesy Everett Collection

“I wanted to play that part, so he [his manager] got me a meeting with Oliver Stone,” he continued, “When I sat with him, Oliver asked, ‘Oh, you think you look like Tom Cruise?’ Now knowing him, I realize he was mocking me, but I said, ‘Yeah, I do.’ So, he said, ‘We’ll see what happens.’ Four months later, I got a call to audition, and I got the part.”

Of his love of filmmaking, he directed Death in the Desert, which details the history of Las Vegas. Also, he writes and has written a novella, Gold Star, about an actor who leaves the big city in search of meaning. Josh is currently married to Roxy Saint, and they have a child.

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