8 Famous Show-Biz Pairings Who Called It Quits


It was in 1976 that singer Tina Turner filed for divorce from her abusive husband and musical partner, Ike Turner. The end of this talented, tumultuous duo was to be expected, but not all musical breakups are, and few are ever amicable. DYR looks back at eight (8) famous pairs who called it quits.

“Hall & Oates”

Remember on Friends when Ross and Rachel were on a break, but one of them thought they were broken up and embarked on all sorts of “single” behavior? That wasn’t the case with Hall & Oates, who’ve taken a series of breaks throughout the four decades they’ve been together as a musical group. In the ’80s, at the height of their career, the duo separated after the release of Live at the Apollo, but continued to record together sporadically throughout the ’90s and early 2000s. While Hall & Oates occasionally play shows together, they haven’t recorded new material in almost a decade, but don’t take this as a permanent situation. “I don’t want anybody to think that Hall & Oates is ‘breaking up,’ or any of that nonsense,” says Daryl Hall.



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