Following The Death Of His Grandson, Michael Landon’s Family Seeks Answers

One of Michael Landon’s nine children, Shawna Landon, has been devastated and trying to get to the root of the death of her 24-year-old son and grandson to the House on the Prairie star. According to her interview with Page Six, the incident happened on August 17 when the late Dylan Lupia tragically chose to in a bus lane in California.

The Metro bus was heading westbound on Palos Verdes Boulevard, and Dylan was reportedly walking towards it when he got hit by the oncoming vehicle. However, the family claimed the coroner’s office did not inform them of her son’s death until the next night when Shawna was getting ready to see a movie with her daughters, Sophia, 15, and Olivia, 10.

Shawna Landon is looking for closure on son Dylan’s death

The late victim’s mother and daughter to Michael Landon, who starred in popular movies and TV shows such as Bonanza, Little House on the Prairie, and Highway to Heaven, does not believe that the story of her son’s death adds up, and she seeks to get to the bottom of it.

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“Dylan was walking in the bus lane toward the bus,” she told Page Six. “There were no blind corners. It was complete daylight. There was no way this bus driver couldn’t have seen my son walking toward him with his eyes on the road. My son is 6-1 and 170 pounds walking in the bike lane toward him.” She added, “My sister, said to me, ‘Shawna, this is impossible.'”

HIGHWAY TO HEAVEN, Michael Landon, 1984-89 (1986 photo by Gene Trindl). ©NBC/courtesy Everett Collection

The Driver May Not Have Adhered To Traffic Rules.

Shawna soon learned that the metro bus driver did not pull over when the incident happened, but continued the journey to the next bus stop, about 1.6 miles from where Dylan got hit. In the driver’s defense, he claimed he thought it was some vandal who hit the bus and reportedly called in to Metro to report things. To get closure, the Landon family also seeks to speak to another person traveling on the bus when Dylan’s accident happened, as the driver’s report seems to have some gaps.

Michael Landon, Celebrity Archaeology Photo by Adam

“We don’t know anything about this passenger,” Landon says. “All we know is that this bus driver did not follow policies and procedures and get any information from this passenger. It doesn’t make sense. And for this guy to not have stopped and called 911… If something glass shattered and made an impact like that, you would look in your rearview mirror, you would see my son lying on the road.”

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