64-Year-Old Andie MacDowell Proves Gray Is Beautiful For Paris Fashion Week


Going gray is a natural part of getting older and actor Andie MacDowell has fully embraced that fact. But it’s not just missing a few hair dying sessions; MacDowell shows off her silver hair at some high profile events. Most recently, that included Paris Fashion week.

Paris Fashion week ran this fall from September 26 to October 4. On Sunday, MacDowell walked the catwalk for L’Oréal Paris’ “Le Défilé Walk Your Worth,” as the 64-year-old actor is also a L’Oréal Paris international spokeswoman, a role she’s held since 1986. Going gray hasn’t changed that and MacDowell was ready to show that to all the world.


Andie MacDowell is still showing off her gray hair at big events

Andie MacDowell shared a candid video of her Paris Fashion week preparations / Instagram via Yahoo

In her Instagram Stories, MacDowell shared a video of her preparing for the catwalk.Her talented team worked skillfully on her look but MacDowell kept her gray hair unaltered without any darkening or color products to be found. It’s a look she’s boasted in the spotlight since the premiere of Annette last summer and her social media page is full of her posing for Vogue, Style, and more while openly embracing her new look.


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Expectations, harmful messages, and double standards are all big topics of discussion in Hollywood and the modeling industry, tackled by other big names in the field who denounce when anyone is told there’s a shelf life to their attractiveness. Combatting this stigma has become something of an ongoing campaign for MacDowell.

Andie MacDowell addresses aging and beauty

“I think women are tired of the idea that you can’t get old and be beautiful,” MacDowell commented. “Men get old and we keep loving them. And I want to be like a man. I want to be beautiful and I don’t want to screw with myself to be beautiful.” Making that final jump to completely gray was, in the end, exacerbated by COVID-19. Lockdown kept a lot of people out of the salons, which meant roots grew in. “I’d been wanting to do it for a few years,” MacDowell admitted about going gray. “And then when COVID happened and I saw the roots coming in, I thought it suited me.”

NO MAN’S LAND, Andie MacDowell, 2021. ph: Jorge Cornejo / © IFC Films / Courtesy Everett Collection

Everything about MacDowell’s rise to stardom saw her going against the grain. For one thing, she was reportedly once told by a client that she, standing at 5 foot 8 and weighing 132 pounds, was too overweight to model. MacDowell persisted and landed work with Calvin Klein and, most famously, L’Oréal. Even this was unorthodox, as Allure notes that an actress pursuing both commercials and acting was considered an act of desperation. Now, it’s a testament to the person’s fame that commercials want them.

Who is your favorite celebrity who has embraced their gray hair?

Expect to see more of Andie MacDowell sporting her gray hair with pride / Ricardo Hubbs / ©Netflix / Courtesy Everett Collection

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