Check Out This Kindergartner’s Hilarious Response To Math Assignment


One Kindergartner named Izzy had a hilarious response to her teacher’s math assignment. Her mom, Tara, was checking her daughter’s folder for any assignments after school one day when it all went down.

“I check her twin sister and her homework folders when they get home from school and had a very hard time keeping a straight face,” she tells TODAY Parents. Inside the folders was a worksheet that her daughter had completed at school.


Kindergarten student has hilarious response to her math assignment

Photo Credit: Courtesy Tara/TODAY Parents

On a lined sheet of paper, Izzy had practiced sounding out words to prompt the high schoolers for her poll question, but quickly realized she had made a spelling mistake and changed it… except the spelling mistake is hilarious and worth sharing.


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“She was so excited because they made the trip over to some high school students to ask her survey question,” Tara said, adding that there was no additional note from her teacher in the folder. Phew. “Seeing that her teacher corrected the incorrect spelling to the correct, I figured there had to be something.”

Two kindergarten students / Pixabay

The next day, Tara opened up her email and what was sitting in front of her was an email from her daughter’s teacher. “Her teacher wrote me and said, ‘Good afternoon! So, this afternoon we were learning how to write survey questions in math. I got a good laugh out of Isabelle’s question and wonderful kid writing! Hope it brings laughter to your evening as well!’” Tara shared. As for Izzy’s assignment? She had correctly identified that seven high schoolers like peanuts.

“We are now looking for a spelling tutor if anyone is available,” Tara jokes.

Kindergarten class / woodleywonderworks/Flickr

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