Carrie Underwood Shows Off Fishing Skills In Bikini Photo

Carrie Underwood is fishing and looking great while doing it. Underwood, herself a big fitness proponent, showed the results of her hard work in a sunny Instagram photo of herself in a bikini after having just caught some fish.

The American Idol champion puts actions to her words as the brain behind the Fit52 app, which revolves around 52 cards and 52 weeks in the year, which is roughly the amount in 365 days. It’s not just about working out, though, and Underwood has discussed the particular brand of vegetarianism she follows, which helps her fans understand where fish fits into that lifestyle, though in this particular photo she was participating in a catch and release activity.

Carrie Underwood goes fishing

Back in the summer, Underwood donned a bikini of jagged black and white striping to enjoy some time on the water. In a photo posted to Instagram around that time, she stands on what appears to be a boat deck of sorts overlooking the water.

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Feeeeeeshies!” Underwood captioned the pictures, all of which show her grinning behind a coordinating pair of round sunglasses after doing some fishing. She is seen holding up some fish in each one, but she and the aquatic life might not have been together much longer because her post is also captioned “CatchAndRelease” and “JustSayinHi.” All this is a part of “#LakeLife” for Underwood. Hello! Magazine writes that Underwood lives on a sprawling 400-acre property in Tennessee equipped with its very own lake.

Fishing frenzy?

Underwood can easily fish from her Tennessee home, equipped with its own lake / Lou Rocco / ©ABC / courtesy Everett Collection

This particular fishing excursion wasn’t for eating purposes, and according to Underwood herself she is a vegetarian. “I’ve been vegetarian for many, many years and I flirt with veganism, so I’m somewhere in between the two,” she explained. “Honestly, I just make sure I’m eating real food. I love vegetables and fruit — and now there are so many options for people that don’t eat meat, but are like meat.”

Underwood also maintains a fitness app / Laura Farr/AdMedia / ImageCollect

Fish is something of an area of debate. On the one hand, as a source of food, it is technically meat. On the other hand, some faiths do not consider fish to be meat at all, and fish offer very different nutritional benefits than other types of food. But food is only part of living that Fit52 lifestyle. “Staying hydrated is something that I feel like we can all take for granted and maybe don’t pay enough attention to,” Underwood also outlined, “so I try to make it easy, always available, and now it’s just part of my routine.” Add in a little lake life, and that sounds like a comfortable path to follow.

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