Restaurant Officially Banning Customers With Tattoos, Heavy Jewelry, & Designer Clothes


A restaurant hailing from Australia is officially banning customers with tattoos, heavy jewelry, and designer clothes from eating at their establishment. The dress code was established in an effort to stop customers from intimidating others.

The restaurant’s Poata Okeroa tells the Daily Telegraph: “We value our customers and community stakeholders, and have always implemented house rules that include a dress policy that discourages intimidating appearances.”


Restaurant bans tattoos, heavy jewelry, and designer clothes

Restaurant bans tattoos, designer clothes, heavy jewelry / YouTube Screenshot

The restaurant turns into a nightclub on weekends, which is often frequented by celebrities as well, including tennis star Nick Kyrgios, Scott Eastwood, Rita Ora, and director Taika Waititi. Chef Michael Mcelroy works at a restaurant in the UK and was pretty furious when he found out about this new dress code as he has neck and arm tattoos. “I’ve never heard of this policy in Australia, I have head and arm tattoos and not once when dining out has this come up until recently. Hearing they are now introducing these rules is a shame.”


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His coworkers apparently let him know that bans on tattoos were pretty common the industry a few years ago, and that it looks like some establishments are trying to bring the bans back. “To hear we are going back to these rules is upsetting,” he said. “I love to eat out at restaurants, so sooner or later, this will start to affect my dining experiences.”

Guy with tattoos dining at a restaurant / PXhere

Woollahra, Australia, councilor Richard Shields, who is not a fan of tattoos, is also not a fan of the new ban. “The listed restrictions would preclude a big chunk of the eastern suburbs,” he says. “I am personally not a fan of tattoos, but I defend people’s rights to express themselves in that way.”

It looks like a lot of different restaurants are cracking down on dress code and outer appearance. According to the NY Post, a restaurant was branded as “racist” for banning baggy clothing, beanie hats and “sunglasses after dark.”

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