Jamie Lee Curtis Talks About The One Scene That Made Her Feel Like A ‘Bad*ss’


Jamie Lee Curtis has had some incredible roles over the years but she said that one, in particular, made her feel the most ‘bad*ss.’ It was when her character does a striptease in the 1994 movie True Lies. She starred in the film alongside Arnold Schwarzenegger.

Jamie said that she was really nervous about doing the striptease but it ended up only taking her one take to do it right! The film was an action-comedy so she was supposed to be a bit awkward and funny, while still looking sexy.


Jamie Lee Curtis talks about her ‘bad*ss’ striptease in ‘True Lies’

‘True Lies’ / Everett Collection

She said, “It was very early on in the shooting schedule, which made me a little anxious because it meant I should probably stop eating whatever the f*ck I was eating and maybe do a couple of sit-ups, but I didn’t have time. There was no choreographer, and we only rehearsed it in the sense that we were made aware of the camera placement and marks to hit.”


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Jamie Lee Curtis / Everett Collection

She continued, “There was a moment when I shut my eyes and let go of it all, and there was pin-drop silence afterward. It was a powerful experience that nobody else could take credit for—it was just me, the music, three cameras, and approximately 100 dudes.”

TRUE LIES, Jamie Lee Curtis, Arnold Schwarzenegger, 1994. TM and Copyright © 20th Century Fox Film Corp. All rights reserved. Courtesy: Everett Collection.

Jamie admitted that she could have been a bit upset about the scene but she truly made it her own and is proud of it. While filming, the director James Cameron asked her to let go of the pole she was holding onto and it made her fall. That only made the scene funnier. Jamie added, “It will always be the single greatest laugh I’ll ever get in my life.”

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