WATCH: Sylvester Stallone Takes Fans To Where He Wrote First ‘Rocky’ Film


The sky is free of clouds, letting sunlight fall unfiltered on an apartment complex. Why here? This is the location, Sylvester Stallone has revealed, that saw him write the first Rocky film. The actor-producer even calls this location his “starting line.”

Stallone shared the video one day ago, and it has since garnered over 200,000 views. The comments are feeling the same nostalgic as Stallone, as he reminisced over Rocky both in the post’s caption and aloud for the video.


Sylvester Stallone revisits writing the first ‘Rocky’

“Sometimes it’s very interesting to go back to the ‘Starting Line,’” Stallone wrote, “and remember when the big race began. For me it was buckling down, and setting my mind to a task that far exceeded all my dreams and expectations. I must thank you all for that. This is why you must never stop Punching.” He signed off with his nickname Sly.


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The video shows a view from Stallone’s car as he looks at a set of beige apartments with orange trim. The camera pans and zooms across the nearest facing wall of the building. Meanwhile, Stallone reflects, “This is kind of interesting. I was downtown Hollywood, working on the final pass at Rocky IV with Dolby. And I happened to be driving back and this is a very interesting place. Because this is where I wrote Rocky one. Right there in that window. And here we are. Back again after all these years.”

Celebrating the past to usher in the future

ROCKY, Sylvester Stallone, Carl Weathers, 1976, © United Artists / Courtesy: Everett Collection

As he muses over Rocky, Stallone takes a moment to assure the nearby architecture, “Hello building, it all turned out okay.” All of these thoughts on the past are actually bracing for exciting new things in the future.

Rocky IV will be getting a special director’s cut. The new release will have more footage of the fight between Rocky Balboa and Ivan Drago while also cutting scenes with Paulie’s robot. Currently, the director’s cut has no specified release date, but plenty of excitement to be had for fans and those closely involved.

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