Rude Wedding Invitation Is Causing Outrage Across The Internet


A bride and groom are now the center of Internet outrage as their insulting wedding invitation has gone viral online. A photo of the invite was shared on Twitter by Mary von Aue and she reveals the unusual way of RSVPing to the special event included in the invite.

“Please understand that our venue is limited in the number of guests we will be able to accommodate for our wedding day,” the note says. “As much as we would love to have each and every one of you join us on our big day, we are forced to split our guests into groups to ensure we do not surpass our capacity restrictions.”


This wedding invitation is not sitting well with people


The note adds, “If possible, we encourage guests to hire a babysitter for the night and leave your children at home. As much as we love your kids, we are doing our best to make space for all of the guests we can. We also ask for our single guests to forgo their plus one if possible.”

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Of course, this note sparked a lot of responses and reactions from people across the Internet. One person responds, “My fav part is ‘please keep a close eye on our website for availability.’” “Like you’re that special that someone is checking your site constantly! & If I was group B or C I’d just send this response, ‘I opt out of this & all future correspondence. Thanks!’”

While A-list and B-list guests are normal for large weddings, the receivers are not supposed to be aware of this

Bride and groom outdoor wedding portraits / StoryBlocks

“Hilarious that it seems like groups B & C are identical, but to be C is just slightly more degrading,” another person responds. One more jokes, “If you’ve already attended 60 weddings this year do you automatically get upgraded to the A-list? Can you pay $12.99 for priority attendance? Will there be center seats at this wedding? How many bags can you bring?”

According to Yahoo!, most large weddings actually do have A-lists and B-lists for invites, but the status is always unbeknownst to the receivers of the invitation. This is so situations like this do not occur.

More from The Knot on the guestlist rankings

Wedding invitations / Wikimedia Commons

Wedding website The Knot also confirms that this is a real thing that happens with large weddings. “Your A-list consists of the must-have invites that you couldn’t imagine not having at your wedding. These are the people who receive your first round of invitations. Your B-list is made up of guests you still really want to be there, but not as direly. Once you start getting RSVPs and it turns out you have enough “regrets” and can invite more people without increasing your budget, that’s when you start sending invites to your B-list.”

The Knot also stresses to couples not to send out B-list invites too close to the actual date of the wedding. More so a week beforehand, otherwise, “you might as well tell those guests they’re second best.”

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