The Three Stooges: You Get’Em or You Don’t

When I think of The Three Stooges, I think of my dad. I remember watching Moe, Curly, and Larry getting into one of their predicaments from the couch while he sat in his usual arm chair. I remember his animated laugh as Moe twisted Larry’s nose then bopped Curly on the head. His laugh made me laugh, and comedy became a bond between us.

There was something particularly lovable about Curly. Maybe it was the noises?


But then there were the episodes when Shemp came along, and I enjoyed those too.

My mom would walk into the living room and ask me incredulously, “Do you really find this stuff funny?” And I remember a sense of pride at being able to say yes. Because whether I found them hilarious or ridiculous, they were something I shared with my father.
I’m not sure now if I would find the Stooges as amusing as I did then, but thinking about them fills me with one of those smile inducing feelings of nostalgia.


Watch the Best of The 3 Stooges in the Video Below




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