Sharon Osbourne Gives Update On Ozzy’s Battle With Parkinson’s Disease

Sharon Osbourne gives an update on Ozzys health

Sadly, Ozzy Osbourne revealed to fans this year that he has been diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease. Now, his wife Sharon has given an update on how he’s been doing. Reportedly, before the coronavirus pandemic shut down borders, Ozzy was supposed to fly to Switzerland to receive specialist treatment.

Unfortunately, those plans have been postponed. Sharon said that hopefully, they will be able to get there in late summer. She also said that Ozzy has been doing pretty well. The only significant thing he is dealing with right now is cabin fever, she said.


Ozzy Osbourne is doing well

sharon and ozzy osbourne
Sharon and Ozzy Osbourne / Instagram

Sharon said, “We’re all doing great because everybody in the family is well and we cannot complain. I just can’t complain. You know cabin fever, yes. Getting a little edgy with each other, yes! I’d love to go walk around a shopping mall for an hour. But that’ll happen.”

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She continued, “I go into my bedroom and sulk. I wish I could say I cook or do crafts but I go and sulk, or have another bath – I probably have three baths a day out of boredom.”

Her son Jack said he has been working on an idea during the quarantine. He is thinking about doing a reboot of The Osbournes, the family’s reality television show that ran in the early 2000s. He said that a lot of nostalgic shows are coming back, so why not theirs?

the osbournes reality show
‘The Osbournes’ / IMDb

One of his ideas is that the family would move back in together for a few months to film. He joked that it might happen if and when: “I guess when someone pays me a hell of a lot … because the amount of therapy I’m going to have to buy into after that is going to be monstrous.”

Glad to hear the Osbournes are all doing well!

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