Actor Sam Lloyd, Best Known For ‘Scrubs’ And ‘The West Wing’ Dies At 56


  • Sam Lloyd, best known for playing Ted Buckland on ‘Scrubs’ has passed away at the age of 56. 
  • He died from an inoperable brain tumor.  
  • He was also the nephew of actor Christopher Lloyd. 


Sam Lloyd passed away at the age of 56 after being diagnosed with an inoperable brain tumor last year. He is best known for his role as Ted Buckland, the goofy lawyer on Scrubs, but had many guest roles during his career. He also reprised the role of Ted on the show Cougar Town.

Bill Lawrence, the creator of Scrubs, paid tribute to his friend by writing, “Thinking a lot about Sam Lloyd today. (Ted). Truly such a kind, sweet guy. He will be missed by so many.”


‘Scrubs’ actor Sam Lloyd has died at age 56

sam lloyd
Sam Lloyd / Wikimedia Commons

Sam was diagnosed with an inoperable brain tumor in January 2019. The news came just weeks after he had his first child, Weston with his wife Vanessa.

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He is also known for his roles on Desperate Housewives, Shameless, The West Wing, Modern Family, and Happy Together. Sam was a notable guest star on Seinfeld and Spin City as well. He was the nephew of actor Christopher Lloyd.

sam lloyd ted buckland scrubs lawyer
Ted Buckland / ABC

On Scrubs, Sam’s character Ted was part of an a capella quartet. They were a real-life quartet called The Blanks (they were known as The Worthless Peons on Scrubs) who had a successful tour after the show ended. Sam also worked on his own musical called With Pam & Gil.

He is survived by his wife Vanessa and son Winston. RIP Sam!

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