Matthew McConaughey Boosted Lincoln’s Car Sales In An Unexpected Way

Attracting parodies hasn't hurt Lincoln in the slightest
Attracting parodies hasn't hurt Lincoln in the slightest / Ellen DeGeneres Show/YouTube

Alright, alright, alright, what’s this about Matthew McConaughey helping out Lincoln? That’s not be surprising since he’s been in Lincoln’s car commercials. But, ultimately, that’s not McConaughey’s biggest contribution to the manufacturer. They definitely helped, but McConaughey has actually boosted Lincoln sales in many ways.

Delivery and presence really make or break a commercial. Fortunately for Lincoln and its commercials, McConaughey brought everything at top quality. He also brought his idiosyncratic way of saying and doing things. Both gave audiences such a unique experience, the clips spread like wildfire.


Matthew McConaughey brings a unique presence to Lincoln’s commercials

Matthew McConaughey is an iconic part of Lincoln car commercials and it's been nothing but good for the brand
Matthew McConaughey is an iconic part of Lincoln car commercials and it’s been nothing but good for the brand / Lincoln on Motor1

First, it’s actually important to understand what Matthew McConaughey does when he’s in a Lincoln commercial. For one thing, he’s impossible to miss even if his presence seems quiet initially. But, as Showbiz CheatSheet outlines, what he does do is very memorable.

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In each ad, McConaughey offers a contemplative presence mixed with some quirky performances. He’s done everything from ice fishing to musing how “sometimes you’ve gotta go back to move forward.” In another commercial, he seeks refuge in a Lincoln Nautilus after a run through some redwoods. All this started in 2014 when McConaughey announced his fondness for Lincoln not because it’s cool but because he “likes it.” After that, his dedication helped him stand steadfast in another ad right in front of a bull. Some guitar music completes the scene of this Texas standoff as McConaughey drives around in his trusty Lincoln to take the longer way around.

Enter the parodies

Matthew McConaughey’s performances on Lincoln car commercials became the target of fun jokes by celebrities and other studios alike. Ellen DeGeneres was among the first to catch on to the comedic potential of these Lincoln commercials. In particular, she honed in on McConaughey’s amusing musings, so she sat in the back seat and offered witty replies to his contemplation for a perfect spoof. Other comedians tapped into that well of funny potential, including Jim Carrey, who offered a parody of his own on SNL.

Even South Park got in on the fun. Of course, it added its own layer of comedic absurdity to the very end. The animated show is no stranger to real-life references. McConaughey now joins the ranks of other iconic figures, including Alex Trebek. All of these performances are consistent with McConaughey’s charismatic and creative approach to advertising, which makes him a highly desirable presence for many brands. And when shows want to parody him? All the better! Lincoln reported a 13% sales boost even with the funny re-imaginings.

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