Willie Nelson’s Son Lukas Has Been Releasing Some Amazing Covers

Lukas Nelson performs covers during quarantine

Willie Nelson‘s sons are talented musicians just like him! Let’s talk about his son Lukas. He recently joined his father to play during the Luck Reunion virtual show. Lukas has actually been a musician for a while, and he has been releasing tons of new content during the coronavirus pandemic.

Currently, Lukas performs solo and is in the band Promise of the Real. Since 2015, they have been Neil Young’s regular backing band. That is quite the accomplishment. Of course, they have lots of amazing tunes, but Lukas has also released some amazing cover songs.


Willie Nelson’s son Lukas has been releasing cover songs during the quarantine

Lukas calls the videos “Quarantunes Evening Sessions” on YouTube. In this first video, he sings “Hello In There” by John Prine. He released the song after news broke that John was sick with coronavirus. Lukas says his way of praying is by playing. Unfortunately, John recently passed away.

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Lukas’ voice is so soothing and perfect to listen to during these crazy times. He also covered “Song of Silence” by Paul Simon. At the beginning of the video, he references how Paul is a native New Yorker and sends his love to New York. New York has been hit the hardest with coronavirus.

He also covered the famous song “Hallelujah” by Leonard Cohen. Many artists have covered this song over the years, but his haunting version really sticks out. He truly does sound like his father in many of these tunes.

lukas nelson
Lukas Nelson / YouTube

In the videos, he also encourages people to stay indoors and stop the spread of coronavirus. Thank you, Lukas, for spreading some light in these dark times! Keep these covers coming! Listen to one of Lukas’ original songs below:

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