This Elderly Couple Meets Every Day For ‘Social Distancing’ Dates

This Elderly Couple Meetings Every Day For 'Social Distancing' Dates

In the midst of the coronavirus pandemic, ‘social distancing’ has been a requirement for people worldwide in order to flatten the curve of the virus spreading. While this means no large social gatherings or special events, people are still managing to make it work, safely. One elderly couple meets for ‘social distancing’ dates every day!

85-year-old Inga Rasmussen lives in Denmark and has been seeing 89-year-old Karsten Tüchsen Hansen of Germany. They have been dating for the past two years! Rasmussen would normally just drive to see her partner across the Møllehus border. However, a lot of countries are now closing up their borders due to the coronavirus, which has affected this elderly couple. The couple once lived in a ‘free’ zone where people could pass between the country borders freely. But, now they have decided to take matters into their own hands…


They enjoy social distancing dates every day

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Rasmussen and Hansen have their social distancing dates at the barricaded border every day. The photo of the two was posted by Henrik Frandsen, who just happened to be passing by when he witnessed this adorable interaction. “On today’s bike ride, I put the way past Møllehus border. Here I met these two lovely people,” he says.

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“They’ve gotten to know each other at a late age and usually visit each other every day. Now they’re meeting halfway at the blocked border. Let us stand together in this difficult time and find solutions together.”

They both bring their own chairs to the location so they can both relax and chat with one another from a safe distance. Hansen usually rides his bike to the border and has wine for his date, and Rasmussen drives, so she sticks to coffee. Many more people should take notes on how to properly social distance while still maintaining their personal connections! This is such a lovely idea.

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