People Claim “My Sharona” Coronavirus Joke Is Problematic, Do You Agree?


We’re all familiar with the 1970s hit “My Sharona.” If not let us refresh your memory! This song was the debut single from The Knack, written by Berton Averre and Doug Fieger. It was released in 1979 from their album Get The Knack and reached number one on the Billboard Hot 100 singles chart where it remained for 6 weeks. It was also number one on Billboards 1979 Top Pop Singles year-end chart.


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Recently a YouTuber created a parody making light of the current coronavirus situation with the song “My Sharona”. People have had pretty mixed reactions about it so far. He parodies the song with the title “My Corona” instead of “Sharona.” The song basically details all the hardships and adjustments that people have had to deal with since the outbreak began.

People around the Internet have mixed reactions about coronavirus jokes

99% of the jokes around Corona Virus are either completely inappropriate or just desperate attempts at seeking attention. Not funny,” a Twitter user says. “I have already seen so many Corona beer jokes by friends, it doesn’t seem inappropriate to me. But we can agree to disagree,” a Twitter user responds.


Literally the coronavirus is giving westerners more ways to be racist toward Asians; inappropriate at this time. I’m so tired of Asians constantly being used as jokes,” one user claims. Another person on Twitter thinks it’s pretty silly that coronavirus jokes are considered inappropriate and offensive. “Apparently coronavirus jokes are ‘In bad taste’ and ‘a sensitive topic’ and ‘inappropriate in the workplace’.”

my sharona coronavirus joke
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A comment from YouTube shows the disdain for the parody song. “I liked the song but for the unneeded, does NOT add anything, filthy language, can not share because it would be offensive to the people I associate with.”

my sharona coronavirus joke
YouTube Comment / Courtesy of YouTube

Another YouTube comment is in agreement, saying that it’s “too soon” to be making jokes.

Do you agree or disagree that coronavirus jokes are too much during this time?

Get The Knack was actually the fastest-selling debut album for a group since Meet The Beatles. And, of course, the #1 selling single of 1979.

“My Sharona” or “My Corona”?


The song has a pretty literal meaning. The lead singer Doug Fieger actually knew a girl named Sharona Alperin and used the song to win her over, needless to say, it worked! At one point they were even engaged but they were never married. Fieger’s rock and roll lifestyle became too much to handle and they called it off. Not sure if muses get royalties for the songs.

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What do you think?

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