Arnold Schwarzenegger Is Staying Home During Coronavirus Outbreak With Some Adorable Animals


Actor and former California governor, Arnold Schwarzenegger is urging others to stay at home during the coronavirus outbreak. He is especially talking to those 65 and older. Arnold himself is 72 years old and is practicing self-isolation at home with some very cute friends! He has a mini horse and a mini donkey keeping him company.

He posted a video on Twitter of himself feeding Whiskey, a miniature horse, and Lulu, a miniature donkey. The animals love carrots, Arnold says! He urges people over 65, like himself, to stay at home during the coronavirus outbreak to stay healthy.


Arnold Schwarzenegger urges others to stay home in video with his cute animals

Arnold and his pets / Twitter

He captioned the video, “Stay at home as much as possible. Listen to the experts, ignore the morons (foreheads). We will get through this together.” In the video, he said, “We don’t go out. We don’t go to restaurants. [We] don’t do anything like that anymore here. We just eat with Whiskey and with Lulu. [We] have a good time.”


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Arnold feeding his pets / Twitter

He urged others to stay indoors too. He said, “No more restaurants, OK? No more restaurants. Forget all that. Public gatherings. Restaurants. All those gymnasiums, out the window. We stay home.”

Then he joked to Whiskey and Lulu, “No biting. You got to get along ‘cause we in very small quarters. We’re a very small house here.”

In conclusion, watch the adorable video below:

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