Wedding Dress Parties Are Now A Trend So Wives Can Wear Their Dresses Again

Wedding dress parties are now a trend for friends

Many brides are now realizing how silly it can be to buy an expensive dress that you wear for only a few hours. While some are wearing their mother or grandmother‘s dress, buying second-hand or donating their dress after the wedding, others are wearing their dress again! Wedding dress parties are now a trend so women can get together and wear their dress another time after the wedding.

This can be a fun excuse to bring your bridal party back together too. Even if you have friends or family members that have never gotten married, they could wear a vintage dress from a family member or a thrift shop. It sounds like a great way to get people together for a fun night out.


Now you can throw a wedding dress party

friends wedding dresses
‘Friends’ / NBC

Remember when they did it on the show Friends? It would also be a very easy party to put together, unlike your wedding day! All you really need are snacks, maybe a pizza, some drinks, and everyone in a wedding dress. However, it could get a little bit awkward if you have to drive or walk somewhere in your dress, especially if the group is all together.

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wedding dress party
Wedding dress party / YouTube

If you feel brave, why not take this party to a bar or restaurant? It would certainly bring the fun factor to another level. Could you see yourself digging out your old wedding dress and throwing a party for your friends? It certainly seems like a great idea to get more use out of your wedding dress.

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