Banana And Mayo Sandwiches Are A Staple In The South

Southerners love banana and mayo sandwiches
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You’ve probably had a peanut butter and jelly sandwich or even Elvis Presley‘s favorite banana and peanut butter sandwich! There are so many different varieties, and some sound delicious, while others sound… interesting. In the South, many people love a good banana and mayo sandwich.

Dale Earnhardt Jr. has been known to eat this sandwich. It makes sense since he was born and raised in North Carolina! People in the South started eating this simple sandwich during the Great Depression. Bread was fairly cheap and meat was expensive, so people began putting whatever they had in their pantry on slices of bread.


Dale Earnhardt Jr. loves banana and mayo sandwiches

banana mayo sandwich
Banana mayo sandwich / Facebook

Even as the Great Depression ended, people still loved the taste of these sandwiches! They passed them on to the younger generations and the rest is history. Dale Jr. once revealed the way he makes his mayo and banana sandwiches.

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dale earnhardt jr tweet banana mayo sandwich
Dale Earnhardt Jr. tweet / Twitter

He said that he slathers on the mayo like it is butter, coating the bread with a light layer. You can do so on both sides. Then simply slice up a banana and put it on the mayo. Generally, white bread is used. Easy and delicious! What do you think? Have you tried it before?

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