Nostalgic Bride Wears Her Grandmother’s Wedding Dress From 1956

Nostalgic bride wears her grandmas wedding dress from 1956

When Christina Moffett got engaged, she started thinking about the perfect wedding dress. Her mother, future mother-in-law, and grandma all mentioned that it would be fun for her to try on their gowns. Her grandmother’s dress was the oldest and was from 1956!

Christina said, “I’m very nostalgic and love family heirlooms. My grandma, mother and future mother-in-law had all mentioned at one point that it would be fun to have me try on their gowns. I figured I’d get it all done at once, so I had a tea party with them, my future sister-in-law and two best friends to model the dresses. I was also hoping I could possibly wear one of the dresses for the wedding.”


Bride wears her grandma’s wedding dress from 1956

christina moffett grandmas wedding dress
Christina / Lake Street Photography Facebook

When she tried on her grandmother’s dress, she knew immediately that it was the one. Her grandmother is named Shirley Ekstrand, but they often call her “Mite.” She originally wore the wedding dress in 1956 and had it preserved until now.

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christina and her husband
Christina and Alexander / Lake Street Photography Facebook

“It was gorgeous, classy and timeless. It just worked. I twirled around in the hoop skirt and was beaming. I knew it was the look I wanted for my wedding. It was a very Grace Kelly look,” she said. “I had seen photos of it on the mantle before but couldn’t really imagine it until I wore it.”

christina moffett wedding dress bouquet
Christina Moffett / Lake Street Photography Facebook

Her grandma was honored that she wanted to wear her dress and gave her the blessing to alter it. Luckily, it didn’t need much work! It was still in great shape. On Christina’s wedding day, she also wore earrings that her grandma had given her mother. It was truly a special day for all of the women in her family!

wedding dress 1956
Close-up of dress / Lake Street Photography Facebook

Christina’s grandmother was honored

Grandma Shirley was thrilled that Christina wore her gown. She said, “I was very honored that she asked me to be part of her wedding. And I was so sorry that Bada (Christina’s grandfather) wasn’t with us, but yet he’s in our hearts. I was so happy for both Christina and Alexander because they were meant for each other. And seeing her in the dress made me very happy.”

The newlyweds also took note of Christina’s grandparents when planning their honeymoon. They went to Mackinac Island and Upper Michigan, just like her grandparents did. How sweet!

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