Exclusive Interview With Luke McJannet: The Trainer Who Let Marie Osmond Name His Racehorse

Exclusive interview with Luke McJannet who let Marie Osmond name a racehorse after her son
Courtesy of Luke McJannet

We recently shared a story about Marie Osmond naming a racehorse after her late son Michael. She named the horse Mikhael as a beautiful tribute. She decided on this wording because it is the Hebrew spelling that means “Godly.” Here at DYR, we were lucky enough to get an exclusive interview with Luke McJannet, the trainer who let Marie name the horse and gifted her a beautiful painting of Mikhael.

Luke has been training horses for about two years. He has been a huge fan of Marie since seeing her in concert 11 years ago. Luke said he was “absolutely blown away by her incredible voice. Marie has a gift of connecting with the audience, which is something that a lot of artists can’t do.”


Luke first met Marie about 11 years ago

marie osmond luke mcjannet
Marie Osmond and Luke / Courtesy of Luke McJannet

He first met Marie after her show during a meet and greet. Luke also got to know Marie’s longtime stylist, Kim Goodwin. Sadly, Kim passed away in April 2019. Luke remembers speaking to Kim and he said how Marie remembered him after that brief meeting about a year prior. Marie’s kind nature was always in the back of Luke’s mind. This is when he decided he wanted to gift her something big.

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racehorse mikhael
Mikhael / Courtesy of Luke McJannet

Luke was able to contact Marie’s assistant and asked if it would be a good idea to name a horse that he had after her late son. Luke said, “Marie had done so much for Children’s Miracle Network. She has raised millions and I needed to give her something that would mean something to her.” Marie heard about Luke’s gift and asked to see him.

Marie had to think about the perfect name for the horse to honor her son

marie osmond
Marie Osmond / Instagram

She asked him to come to her Las Vegas show and they would speak after. However, this was the show where Marie fell on stage and had to be rushed to the hospital! Marie was able to perform the next night and Luke and his friend went backstage to chat about the horse. Marie said that she wanted to pick the perfect name for the horse to honor her son Michael, so she would get back to Luke in a few weeks.

mikhael painting
Mikhael painting / Instagram

Then, Luke ran into an artist named Jac Jones and had the idea to create a painting for Marie as well. He sent the painting to Marie for Christmas. Marie shared a photo of the beautiful painting on Instagram with the caption, “A wonderful new friend of mine has racehorses @mcjannet1 and he has given me the most beautiful gift. He has allowed me to name his newest horse. I chose the name Mikhael after my sweet son Michael.”

Marie calls about Mikhael every month

mikhael happy xmas
Mikhael at Christmastime / Instagram

She continued, “The Hebrew spelling of the name Mikhael means who is like God or Godly. I also found out that the amazingly talented English artist @jacquiejones2 agreed to paint him for me. What an honor!!! What a surprising and incredibly kind gesture to be sending this painting to me. Thank you, Luke and Jacquie!!!”

Luke said that Marie also owns some shares in the horse and calls him once a month to check up on Mikhael. “It’s just an absolute honor to be called a friend of Marie Osmond for the incredible woman she is,” Luke shared.

Mikhael is being looked after and trained in Luke’s brand-new yard called Providence gate stables in Newmarket. Thank you, Luke, for this exclusive interview!


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