Fans Relate To ‘Jeopardy!’ Contestant Who Battles Anxiety On The Show


While many Jeopardy! contestants seem to know it all, sometimes new contestants struggle. It was clear from the beginning that stay-at-home mom Priscilla Drobes was very nervous. She struggled with anxiety during the entire episode and only answered two questions correctly.

Unfortunately, she finished with -$5,400 and could not compete in the Final Jeopardy! round. Alex Trebek noticed her jitters and said, “Priscilla, I think nerves got the best of you today…You were just so nervous.”


‘Jeopardy!’ contestant gets a bad case of nerves, but fans rally behind her

jeopardy game with priscilla drobes
‘Jeopardy!’ / Facebook

Even though it seemed like a pretty bad time for Priscilla, she got a lot of support on social media after the episode aired. Many fans and even former Jeopardy! contestants tweeted their support and said how they could relate.

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priscilla drobes
Priscilla Drobes / Facebook

Someone tweeted, “#Jeopardy If anyone who knows Priscilla sees this, pls let her know a lot of us out here are very sympathetic and are happy for her that she got a shot at Jeopardy (I can’t even get past my own anxiety and loathing of being filmed to take the test myself). Take care, Priscilla 💙”

alex trebek
Alex Trebek / Twitter

Another wrote, “Priscilla is a warrior who stuck it out in a situation where I would have wanted to bolt from the stage. Huge respect for this woman making it on the show, something most of us couldn’t accomplish. 💙💙💙 #Jeopardy”

In addition, a former contestant even reached out! They wrote, “Priscilla When I was on #Jeopardy 30 years ago and finishing in last place, #AlexTrebek told me the fact that I just made it onto the stage was proof I was a Jeopardy champion. Tens if not hundreds of thousands try. You made it! Well Done.”

It is true that it is very impressive that she was even on the show in the first place! Hold your head up high, Priscilla. Jeopardy! fans are behind you. In conclusion, watch what happened below:

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