Sharon Osbourne Can’t Get Through Ozzy And Elton John’s New Song Without Crying

Sharon Osbourne Can't Get Through Ozzy And Elton John's New Song Without Crying
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Sharon Osbourne has revealed that she can’t get through her husband’s new song with Elton John without tearing up! The two icons have collaborated on the new song “Ordinary Man”, which is also the name of the upcoming album from Ozzy to be released on February 21st, 2020. It will be his first solo LP since 2010. The lyrics for this particular song detail his rise to fame and struggles with being in the limelight.

John plays piano on the track and also provides some vocals. “It’s the story of Ozzy’s life…,” Sharon shares with her co-stars on The Talk. I’m just so happy for Ozzy that it’s been so well received. I can’t listen to it all the way through, it makes me cry.”


Ozzy and Elton John’s new song is absolutely beautiful

sharon osbourne cant get through new ozzy and elton john song without crying
Sharon, Ozzy, and Elton John together in 2007 / AP Photo/Evan Agostini

Sharon also shares what John thinks of the song. “He loved it. Ozzy asked if he would play piano… and Elton said yes. And then he went into the studio and he started to sing, Elton did, and we just kept it.” John isn’t the only celebrity to have a guest-star moment on Ozzy’s new track. Guns N’ Roses member Slash also plays guitar on the song.

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Ozzy’s new album comes shortly after he experienced quite a difficult year health-wise. The 71-year-old singer would suffer a bad fall, which leads to a number of operations. During these operations, they would discover that his spinal cord was compressed. Additionally, they would discover that one of the metal bolts in his collarbone from a quad-bike accident was dislodged.

sharon osbourne cant hold back tears listening to ozzy and elton john's new song
Ozzy Osbourne / Joel Ryan/Invision/AP

Have you heard the new song from Ozzy Osbourne and Elton John? Take a listen by playing the video below, it’s a beautiful song!

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