Heavy Rainfall Drenches Parts Of Australia And Contains Bushfires

Heavy Rainfall Drenches Parts Of Australia And Contains Bushfires
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  • A month’s worth of rainfall has drenched parts of Australia, leaving 30 bushfires officially contained.
  • There are still about 85 bushfires burning.
  • Thankfully, more heavy rain is forecast for the weekend.


We finally have some good news from down under! According to reports, multiple areas across the region have experienced a month’s worth of rainfall in just 24 hours. As a result, it has helped contain the bushfires and help the drought. “Relief is here for a number of firefighters working across NSW. Although this rain won’t extinguish all fires, it will certainly go a long way towards containment,” Australia’s NSW Rural Fire Service tweets out.

This rainfall comes after one of the driest Decembers on record for Australia. Moreover, they have been dealing with this terrible bushfire situation since September 2019. “…more than ten communities across all three states have received their best rainfall in years,” reports 9 News. While the rainfall has knocked out power in some areas, many are so thankful for the rain.


Heavy rainfall is helping contain Australia bushfires

While NSW Rural Fire Service reports that there are still about 85 bushfires across the state alone, about 30 of them have been contained because of the rain. “We are starting to see some good falls across some firegrounds. Lets hope some of our farmers are also getting some moisture,” says NSW Rural Fire Service.

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Further weather reports are calling for more rainfall into the weekend. Some areas may receive up to four inches of rain.

Wildlife is still facing deadly impacts of the bushfires

According to First Coast News, more than two dozen people have been killed in the bushfires. Additionally, over a billion animals have died. AP reports from WWF-Australia that the animals who are falling victim to the fires simply cannot move fast enough to escape. While many have been worried about the koalas, reptiles actually represent the most animals dead. Following closely behind them are birds.

The Irwin family has been doing everything they can to help injured wildlife in the area. Their Australia Zoo is thankfully safe from the bushfires. WWF has also launched the Australian Wildlife and Nature Recovery Fund. They have a goal of raising 30 million Australian dollars (about $20 million USD). This money will go towards wildlife response, habitat restoration, and natural disaster relief efforts.

rainfall brings relief to australia during bushfires
Firefighter battling Australia bushfires / Darren Pateman, AP

Heavy rainfall has finally brought a bit of relief to Australians. This video of an 18-month-old boy happy as can be is stealing hearts!

WATCH: Heavy rain is bringing relief to drought-stricken communities, and this 18-month-old boy couldn't contain his excitement at seeing it for the first time. #9NewsMore here: http://9Soci.al/CJcq30q9Qzs

Posted by 9 News Sydney on Wednesday, January 15, 2020

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