Marie Osmond Calls Meghan Markle’s Dad “Ridiculous” For Wanting To Testify Against Her

Marie Osmond Calls Meghan Markle's Dad _Ridiculous_ For Wanting To Testify Against Her
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As Prince Harry and Meghan Markle plan to take a step back from their royal duties, many people in and out of the royal family have some thoughts about it. Additionally, Meghan’s dad is getting involved in the ongoing drama. The two have a history of not exactly getting along. Thomas Markle will be “called as a key witness” in testifying with evidence against Meghan in a lawsuit filed by Meghan against U.K. tabloid The Mail.

This lawsuit alleges that the paper had violated her privacy by publishing pieces of a letter she sent to her father. With all of this drama unfolding, co-stars of The Talk have been weighing in on it. Marie Osmond talks about Thomas’s actions and how those alone could be causing her to distance herself from her own family.


Thomas Markle aims to testify against his own daughter in lawsuit

thomas markle testifying against meghan markle in lawsuit
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“I think this is a really good example of why she may have alienated him,” says Osmond.  “That’s ridiculous! It’s just very telling to me who he is.” Of course, many people have taken to social media to express their own thoughts on Thomas testifying against his own daughter. One person writes, “Once he crosses that line there is no going back. You’ve taken a position publicly against your own child. Just NO!”

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However, another person says, “He does have the right to set the record straight. There have been bad things said from both sides. Actions have consequences. Sometimes the truth hurts, but that’s why forgiveness and healing will be so important for this family.”

No matter what happens or what anyone else says, this seems to be an ongoing case separate from the “stepping back” drama. Since then, Meghan has returned to Canada and the other royals have been making public appearances. According to CNN, new documents have been released in Meghan’s lawsuit. Watch the video on that coverage below!

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