Dolly Parton Says She Is Recording Music To Be Released After She Dies

Dolly Parton reveals she has plans for new songs for after her death

Dolly Parton revealed something big in the final episode of her podcast, “Dolly Parton’s America.” In the episode, her co-producer asks her questions about her faith and the afterlife. Dolly really opened up, including sharing plans she has for her music after she’s gone.

She said, “I’ve got hundreds, hundreds, even thousands of songs — a big part of them have never even been recorded. There’s enough stuff to go on forever with my music, to do compilation albums, to do new and original stuff. I am purposely trying to put songs down for that very purpose, to have a click track and my vocals where any arrangement could be done.”


Dolly Parton is working on new songs to be released after her death

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‘Dolly Parton’s America’ podcast / Facebook

For instance, Dolly hopes that future producers and songwriters will be able to take her vocal tracks and use them in various songs. She continued, “Any producer anywhere in the world when I’m gone, they could take my songs just the click track and my vocal and build a complete arrangement around that, any style. That will go on forever.”

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Dolly Parton / Facebook

In addition, Dolly said that she wants her work to be in order before she dies. Many artists don’t prepare and their work becomes tied up in legal battles for years. Dolly also talked about her thoughts on the afterlife and the faith that drives her every day.

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Dolly Parton / Facebook

She shared, “You don’t really know, you just hope, and you have faith. That’s what faith is. I think it’s not the end of me. I don’t think it’s the end of any of us. [I] think we’re recycled and if nothing else we just go back into that great flow of divine energy and hopefully we spread ourselves around in other wonderful ways.”

In conclusion, learn more about her podcast from the producers:

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