Marine Who Was Paralyzed In Iraq 15 Years Ago Miraculously Walks Again

Marine Who Was Paralyzed In Iraq 15 Years Ago Miraculously Walks Again
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A United States Marine by the name of James Crosby was paralyzed while serving in Iraq 15 years ago. Now, he’s walking again, and it’s nothing short of a miracle. In 2003, James is hit by three rockets that would leave him permanently in a wheelchair. However, in 2015, he worked closely with Senator John Rockefeller to enact the Crosby-Puller Combat Wounds Compensation Act. The act ensures that soldiers who are injured during combat have financial help while recovering from their injuries.

A huge accomplishment for veterans everywhere, James continued on by joining a nine-week program called Adaptive Training Foundation. In this program, professionals show James different workouts he can do while in his injured state. By the end of the program and James’ graduation, he was walking across the graduation stage with just a walker in hand.


U.S. Marine James Crosby walks again

You can do anything when Gaston is behind you whispering sweet nothings in your ear. #ATF17JAMES #ATF17 #ATFtribe #DefyImpossible #FeatureFriday

Posted by Adaptive Training Foundation on Friday, October 18, 2019

“The biggest thing is when you realize that the only thing that matters is love. It’s the most powerful force that you will ever feel,”  James says in a YouTube video. That same video has an outpouring of love and positivity in the comments of many people who have met James or admire his perseverance.

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Someone writes, “I met James maybe 6-7 years ago and always admired him for his outlook and attitude. To see him walking today just reaffirms his determination. I am blown away seeing him do this and have tears of joy for him..God bless you, James.”

There’s a whole lot of love from people who know him

Nothing like getting upright again to put a smile on your face!#ATF17JAMES #ATF17 #ATFtribe #DefyImpossible #StopComplainingStartAdapting #AdaptiveAthlete #MotivationMonday

Posted by Adaptive Training Foundation on Monday, November 18, 2019

Another person writes, “James is a great inspiration to anyone who has met him, he is a true Marine. I had the privilege of visiting him at his apartment about fifteen years ago and he made me feel then that if anyone could walk again it would be James. Semper Fi Marine, ooh-rah.”

In conclusion, watch the video of James graduating from his nine-week program and to see his walking in action! God bless this man.

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