The Sweet History of PEZ

PEZ, even though they’re still around today there’s something about these chalky Austrian candies and their adorable/mechanical pocket dispensers that bring you back to your earliest days of childhood. Whether it was the an addiction to a certain flavor (my favorite was grape!) or simple NEED to complete your favorite set of PEZ characters most people can remember the sweet memories these little candy bricks bring.

For many years it was thought a man who wanted to help his wife sell their PEZ dispenser collection founded that eBay. Years later it was revealed that this was an urban legend concocted by their first publicist. Despite this not being true PEZ is still a popular item, if you search on eBay you’ll find there are over 20,000 listings!


Did you know…

The word PEZ was created using the first, middle and last letter in the German word for peppermint,  PEZ

Thought to be a prototype for some kind of future model Pez dispenser, this little guy is the most expensive Pez dispenser of all time at over $32,000.


When making a single piece of PEZ Candy it takes 3,000 pounds of pressure to compress the sugar into the familiar brick shape of a PEZ Candy!

Eduard Haas III first invented PEZ candy as an alternative to smoking in 1927!

The PEZ logo is made up of 44 of these brick-like PEZ candies (14 bricks in the P and 15 in each of the E and Z).

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